Ticketer Bot setup

Mochi Girl-Edition Ticker

The bot prefix is " _ "

you cant change the bot prefix in case means you can change the prefix of the mochi music main bot but in ticketer bot you cant.
So first of all you can use the command _help in your command chat.

Setting the bot channels

You have to have developer mode : Discord settings> Advance> Developer Mode

Set Channels [Use channel IDs]

_setchannels (ticket channel message id) (ticket channel replying category id)

So you can take channel ids by right clicking on text channels after you claimed the developer mode so you have to use
_setchannels (ticket claiming channel id) (the channel category that you are going to reply)
these are the ticket claiming text channel and ticket opening category, names does not matter

Set Roles that can reply for tickets

you have to add the Ids of the roles that can reply to the tickets you can add now existing roles but we recommend you to create a role for that and drag that little bit up to the normal admins and mods give that to the admins and mods. and add it as below.
copy the id as this
Add IDs like this

Good to Go

Use the command _send in the channel that you wanted the ticket to be displayed.
the channel I wanted, I sent it there.
this is the channel I wanted
Now when you opened a ticket it will show in the category you added.